The Orabrush Affiliate Program

Everyone in the world has a tongue. Profit from this reality :)

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Orabrush is a tongue cleaner that cures bad breath. Orabrush’s videos are becoming famous on YouTube and Facebook (over 7 million views in Jan). The videos are hilarious, persuasive and becoming available for you as a publisher.

Even better, though, Orabrush also has a killer affiliate program for savvy marketers!

Why join the Orabrush Affiliate Program?

  • 25 to 35% commission on all sales
  • 90-day return cookie
  • Creative videos, banners, emails, and text links that are optimized to convert
  • Knowledgeable and responsive affiliate management team accessible by phone, email, IM, and Twitter
  • Rapid monthly payments + performance incentives

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